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Sheer Beauty or a Great Snowball Figh...

Sheer Beauty or a Great Snowball Fight?
    On our Guest Survey card we ask the question: “What surprised you most about this trip?” Besides the great service, one of the most frequently recorded comments mention the beautiful views of our northern Idaho lakes and rivers region. As Sandpoint employees who are fortunate to work every day in our mountainous bac [...]

Bucket List Item Checked: Snowmobilin...

Bucket List Item Checked: Snowmobiling the Crest
  Feb 22 2015 With the return of normal temperatures, we now just await new snow to resume cat skiing, but in the meantime, the snowmobiling the high country is going off great! In the above picture Gabriel, an accomplished motorcycle tour adventurer boondocks his Arctic Cat snowmobile around Uleda Point making for an epic ride for hi [...]